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Koi Na Thamme Sadh Bin,Saadh Na Disse Jag Vich Koa” As per Bhai Sahib Bhai Gurdas Ji’s words to uplift people drowned in this worldy ocean, God is always sending and will remain sending enlightened  souls who are themselves internally merged with the super cosmic energy of Waheguru. These enlightened souls are called Saints, Brahamgyani, Mahapursh or Gurmukhs. One such soul is Baba Lakhbir Singh ji who’s whole life has been spent in the sewa of Dhan DHan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
In 1970 he met with Brahamgyani Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji (Ratwara Sahib Wale) for the first time. In this first meeting itself, Sant Jiindicated that Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji’s life work going forward would be to share and spread spiritual discourses with the sangat through Kirtan “Gurmat Parchar di lehar tusa he sambhalni hai”. In UP he always performed kirtan before SantBaba Waryam Singh Ji began theirs andwithout fail attended all the diwans of Sant Ji. When Sant Ji came to Chandigarh in 1978, Baba Ji would travel long distances to Chandigarh to spend time with Sant Ji and at one point spent around one-two months there. In 1986, when the construction work of Ratwara Sahib was to be started, Sant Ji, wrote a letter (darghi hukam) to Baba Ji and called him to come permanently to Mohali. Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji readily left his job and immediately left for Mohali to be in Sant Ji’s service and done marvelous sewa throughout his time with Sant Ji.

On 31st October 2001, 5 Hours before Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji laid off his body, he appointed Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji as his successor. This was recorded on CD. At the funeral ceremony of Sant Ji on 9 November 2001, Baba Ji was blessed by 131 dastaars from numerous spiritually enlightened saints, mahapursh of various sampardas.  More...

12 October 2014 (Ratwara Sahib)

Naam Japiye Taan Door Hunde...


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